Slim in 6 Challenge 2012 – Kick Off

If you wonder what “Slim in 6” is – please have a look >HERE< . This is a home work out provided by and the trainer is Debbie Sievers.

I have been really down and depressed the last couple of months and I decided today that it is time for a change. I have had a severe downfall in mood and feelings since last year and it is time to stop with this.

Noticing that my body is becoming more and more an “un shape” rather than a body shape I decided to today that it is time to change.

I have had this program – Slim in 6 – since 2004 and I know that it works but unfortunately I never stuck to it. The longest I could do it was for 3 weeks and – hey – what does that tell you about me *sigh*…

This needs to stop. I need to take action and responsibility for my decisions and this time starts today. I have a special treat too, if I manage to stick to it for 6 weeks (come on…. 6 damn weeks – what is that?!?!) – I will buy the TurboFire program because that looks really like a lot of fun!

I will post pics about my body transformation as soon as I can show a result. Posting a pic about the current status only is not too helpful at this point.

So – I hope you guys and girls of course are with me and – hey – if you want to join the challenge – let me know!

Take care



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