Slim in 6 Challenge 2012 – Day 5

Hi @ all,

Back to the usual business was today’s motto. In the early afternoon I decided to do my work out and it was great. I have less problems with the muscle aches – barely anything left. Although I was a bit tired before the work out, afterwards I was pumped and had a lot more energy. Instead of it tiring me out even more, it actually gave me a push.

Three more days with the “Start It Up” and then I will go to “Ramp It Up”. That is the next step on the Slim in 6 work out ladder. That part I will proceed with for 2 weeks and then it is on to “Burn It Up” for the last three weeks.

Measuring will be done on Wednesday before the second step. I do not really expect any changes yet but hope is still there :D.

I can not believe that I really have the feeling that I can do this. That I really will finish this! I am very confident and happy about it!

See you guys tomorrow – Thanks for your support!

Take care


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