Slim in 6 Challenge 2012 – Summary week 1

Hi @ all,

I did my work out today and felt horrible. Weak, out of breath and worst of all  – lazy… But – even though I wanted to skip the squats (I hate squats) I did not. I pushed through.

Summarizing the last week or better the first week of the six week training, I can say that overall I feel better. I have a better perception of myself when looking in the mirror, I feel the work outs and that they make me stronger. Feeling powered out is not necessarily to be compared with a bad feeling – it is rather to be seen as a good powered out status because it is the result from hard work and good exercise. I also have more energy overall and eating more healthy comes natural now. I have barely have any cravings for sweets  and if I do – I refer to the additional rule to my 6 Weightloss Rules.

I hope there are some out there that can feel the vibe and the positive attitude about working out that I would like to spread. There are always days that you do not feel right to work out. Unless you are really sick, you should always question yourself why you do not want to work out that day. Sometimes it is plain lazyness which makes us all very creative in finding excuses why not to work out. If you catch yourself doing exactly that (finding excuses), then push yourself and do it!

Take care


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