Slim in 6 Challenge 2012 – Day 8

Hi @ all,

Today was very interesting. I had an appointment today with an awesome person that really helps me to find the way to myself. (Yep – I am not just working on my body but also on my mind :))

Anyway – after that really exhausting appointment, I was not sure if I was able to start the challenge of the next section of Ramp It Up today. But then I figured – hey – do as much as you can and whatever is not possible, is just not possible. No reason to not do it at all. 🙂

It was as if I just started working out. Somewhat disappointing but of course it was like that since I need to increase the level of exercise and the first section was rather easy. A lot of exercises I was not able to push through all the way but I did as many reps as I could. Out of breath was a constant status throughout the work out but I know that this will get better in the future.

For dinner I just had a good protein shake with banana flavor and later on I might have a hot cocoa as my personal treat for doing so well today.

See you guys tomorrow – Thanks for your support!

Take care


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