Slim in 6 Challenge 2012 – Day 14

Wow – that burned. Like – seriously – it burned :D. The Ramp It Up part has some serious leg and butt work out parts in it and my legs and butt cheeks burned and that sweet Debbie was screaming – keep on going – remember, if it burns, that means it works – yeah right. 😀 There is also an arm work out part in this one and I was able to do the complete work out without a break today (I mean the arm part). Today I felt better and fitter than the last two days. I wonder what made me so tired? I did more protein though so it might have boosted my energy level a bit.

Tomorrow I will not work out because I will not be home to do so. Thursday again it is. I kind of hate that and I might actually take my work out clothes and the DVD with me but whether I really do it, depends on how I feel. I just do not like jumping around in front of other people… But tomorrow is measuring day, I am still up for that and I will measure. I might not post the measurement tomorrow because as I said I am not at home but definitely on Thursday.

Let me think what was on the diet plan today… Lots of tea (I am out of water) and 2 eggs for breakfast, a salami sandwich for lunch and for dinner I had a pork chop with corn. All not too healthy but I feel good.

See you guys tomorrow – Thanks for your support!

Take care


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