Slim in 6 Challenge 2012 – Day 18 & 19

Yesterday I worked out as well as today. Even though I did not want to (laziness came through for me :P). I feel stronger every day and I can do the exercises in a strict and clean way. I am barely tipsy anymore doing the lunges and I can get lower with the squats. The arms can be used almost throughout the whole series which is really hard for me for some reason. Keeping the arms up for about 45 minutes straight is kind of exhausting.

Yesterday I almost missed my work out because I wanted to meet up with friends and forgot about it (which is also the reason why I did not post anything yesterday). I thought of the work out just in time. Since it is 47 minutes long and I wanted to leave an hour from the point I noticed, it was just in time because I was still able to exercise and take a shower afterwards. Unfortunately the dinner was the total opposite of healthy and it was at 10 pm at night. Not really in my usual time schedule. To make up for that I ate healthy today – for breakfast I had an egg with bread and for lunch I had two chicken legs. For dinner it will be a chicken salad and I have been drinking unsweetened tea all day.

I am almost through three weeks already and I am feeling good (even though I feel tired sometimes :P). This coming week on Wednesday I can already switch to “Burn It Up” and I know that it will hurt :D. There will be no break this coming weekend since I had two days off already last week.

See you guys tomorrow – Thanks for your support!

Take care


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