Slim in 6 Challenge 2012 – Day 22

After the measuring from this morning I was pumped and looking forward to the next section of Slim in 6. Well – it was ALMOST like I expected. The moves were faster, different from so far and … exhausting. The first section Start It Up starts with a 24 Minute work out, the second Ramp It Up is already 47 minutes and this one – Burn It Up – is now 59 minutes. I went through it all but took a lot of breaks because I was simply not able to push through. The first ten minutes I felt good enough to follow but then suddenly my breath was gone. I had to march in place a lot and sometimes had problems to follow the exercises. It will get better in the next couple of days and I know that in the end I will be able to do it all but during the work out today I was thinking, that I would never be able to do this all. Just imagining that I will be able to do it in the end makes me think very positive and gets me motivated.

Related to my eating habits – I did go back to eating more protein – eggs for breakfast, big steak for lunch and a tuna sandwich for dinner. Somehow I am craving salmon… But there is no good fish store near here that I know of – I will have to check Google ;).

Maybe I should make a food plan for the whole week? Do you think that makes sense? Maybe it will stop me from always grabbing something quick…

See you guys tomorrow – Thanks for your support!

Take care


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