Slim in 6 Challenge 2012 – Day 26

Today was supposed to be “my” day. I wanted to have a Spa-Day for myself and my well-being but it turned out a lot different. My Mother called this morning and she had an accident which resulted in a broken elbow. As a good daughter – which I am 😛 – I went to her house to make sure she is ok and help her with some things. I already saw my plans going out the window (which would have been ok considering the situation) but as I got to her house, I noticed that all I could do was sit there and watch her “suffer”. Her arm was in a temporary cast and she had barely slept the night before. So we made the best of it and she went off to bed for an hour and I could do my exercises (I took everything with me hoping I might be able to do them). She felt somewhat refreshed and I felt drained (which is good in this special case :P). She just needed someone to be near her and I am happy I could help (had to make some food and stuff).

The work out was great – just a little awkward because I did not do it at my house – but I was able to push through it all.

For lunch we had some fish and mashed potatoes and for dinner we had some bread with cold cuts. Not the best but it was some food. I will leave out what I had for breakfast because it was unhealthy 😛

See you guys tomorrow – Thanks for your support!

Take care


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