Slim in 6 Challenge 2012 – Day 27

I am a bad girl….

I skipped the lunges. Yes – I skipped them – for real. Today’s work out was so bad. Before I started I even thought about not doing it at all because I felt somewhat crappy. I think I did not eat and drink right which took all my energy away. For (late) lunch I had a heavy lasagne and that did the rest. Due to my Mom’s broken arm, we were in the clinic all morning and after (an unhealthy) breakfast I did not have anything to drink until the late lunch. The absence of liquid in my body and the unhealthy eating today seem to have affected my overall well being. Luckily I am back home now and I will eat healthier again tomorrow.

I am thinking about taking “mid” pics now to see if there is really a difference visible but I am somewhat scared that there is nothing to see. Maybe tomorrow or on Wednesday. Wednesday is measuring day anyway. I also decided not to take another break until Saturday – hopefully I do not need it earlier because this section (Burn It Up) is really hard. Sweat is still pouring down from my forehead but I can feel getting stronger. I can do the exercises cleaner and more upright. I noticed a change especially in the push ups and sit ups – well actually – in everything. 🙂

See you guys tomorrow – Thanks for your support!

Take care


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