Slim in 6 Challenge 2012 – Unhappyness

I am very very very unhappy. After that one day of working out, I had to go back to my Mother’s house to help her out again. I got to her house so late that it was too late to work out. The next day that I wanted to work out again but I got home late as well and additionally I had a massage that day after which it makes no sense to work out afterwards.

Well – I thought – I will get back on track on Thursday then. Nope – I did not go back. I got sick. I have been sick since then and I feel like crap. My nose is stuffed, my sinuses are plugged, my heads hurts and I am dizzy. The slightest movement exhausts me severly.

This makes me a very unhappy girl right now. On the one hand I am thinking I might be making excuses for not working out anymore but that is not the fact. It is my bad conscience talking which seemingly has not idea of how I physically feel.

I so hope that I will be able to start again tomorrow – even if it is only with a light work out – maybe I will go on my home trainer for a bit… I am not too happy since I feel like a failure again :(. I really wanted to do this challenge and push through with it – I just wonder why I can never finish this. I was doing so well too :(.

Any idea how to get back on track faster?

Take care


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