Slim in 6 Challenge 2012 – Before and After Resumee

Since the challenge was supposed to be over at the 22nd of February I will now let you know my resumee of this whole exercise.

Here are the before and after pictures as promised and even though the results are not as tremendous as they could have been, I am VERY proud :D.

I am not trying to make excuses on why the change has not been as drastic as it could have been. I have not been eating right the whole time and I have had two weeks of a break due to external circumstances such as my Mom breaking her arm and me having to help her and then me being sick. I still consider the results as very good and I think the changes are very visible! 😀

The chunky back has shrunk, the bulky belly has gotten smaller, there is an actual waist visible and my butt is lifted. I feel stronger, have more stamina and I feel happier. I had a good start into the world of personal fitness and I will continue doing work outs.

My final measurements are as following:


Chest    96 cm     => 95 cm     Lost 1 cm / 0.4 inch
Waist    81 cm     => 78 cm      Lost 3 cm / 1.2 inch
Hips      109 cm   => 107 cm   Lost 2 cm / 0.8 inch
Thigh    66 cm      => 60 cm    Lost 6 cm / 2.4 inch

Overall I lost 12 cm / 3.8 inches around my whole body and I am so happy about it!

Due my work schedule and my own studies that I have started recently (additionally to my job) there will not be enough time to continue this on a daily basis BUT – I will work out as often as possible! That is not a lame promise – that is the truth. If I can squeeze in just twenty minutes of working out, I will. I worked out yesterday too 😀 – I still have Billy’s Boot camp here (which is btw 53 minutes long…) and some Pilates, Yoga and Exhale Body Sculpt DVD’s which I will use alternating to the Slim in 6 Work outs. Additionally I will be going to the gym on the treadmill together with my beloved husband. 🙂 My plan is also to continue sharing my experience with the various work outs that I have.

BTW – I told you in an early Challenge-Post that I will buy me a treat if I make it. I consider my “job done” with Slim in 6 and I will order Turbo Fire additional to my already existing work outs. I think it is essential that you do various things to see which one might be the right one. Slim in 6 was a very good start and I am so happy that I kept it all these years (I bought it originally in 2004).

My thanks go to all of you that supported me and gave me positive feedback!

Take care and read you soon!


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