Billy’s Bootcamp Review

The work out consists of a series of cardio, kick, boxing and other moves which are compressed into a fast, hard and sweat-breaking exercise. I am sweating more than with the Slim in 6 work out but somehow I feel less challenged.

I have several problems with the trainings:

  • Billy is almost constantly talking and that with such a low volume that you tend to stop moving because you are trying to understand what he is saying.
  • The quality of the pictures is poor, the outdoor work out camera man keeps going back and forth without any real structure and zooms in only on Billy so that you do not see anymore which moves are currently on.
  • Sometimes Billy forgets that the body has at least two sides.. He works out the left side but then forgets to work out the other or he makes you repeat the sets 5 times on the right side and only 3 times on the left.
  • The form you should keep when doing the exercises are not properly explained (some moves were in fact new to me) or maybe they are but I do not hear it because of the volume of Billy’s talking as mentioned earlier.

Positive about the work out is:

  • It is sweat-breaking and intense once you are actually able to follow all the steps.
  • The counting helps pushing yourself to the limit.
  • There is no timer visible which makes it easier because to me it always puts me under pressure when I see a timer at the bottom counting down.

If you like a crazy work out where you can yell the pain out and feel pushed, feel free to try it out. It gives you a good base on which you can build up on.

For me – I like a more structured work out like Slim in 6.

Other than that – have fun, feel challenged and try out new things!

Take care


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