A little anecdote – Salad

There are always people who seem to attract accidents. I am not talking about getting hit by a car or falling off the bike – no – I am talking about stupid things they put their foot in by accident? My beloved husband is one of them :D.

I was sitting on our couch, in front of us our living room table, two table sets on it in order to avoid ruining the tablecloth if food is being spilled. We are eating a salad from the italian place where we love to order food from. Next to me, my spouse had taken a seat as well, holding up the salad plate and eating from it. We were watching a movie while eating and everything was juuuuuuuuuuust fine. Suddenly, in the corner of my eye I could see that something just fell off my husband’s fork. I slightly tilt my head in order to pretend I did not see it but I could see him looking down on himself, peeking over to me, looking back down on himself and then pretending nothing happened. He then put the salad and the fork down pretending to take a break from eating and then secretly trying to remove the large piece that fell off the fork onto the couch……………………. So much for the table sets……….

 😀 The best of this incident was the look on his face which said more than any word could have said. First there was that expression when he peeked over to check whether I saw it and then there was that little frustrated facial expression, knowing that whatever just happened was stupid and he thought that this can only happen to him. 😀

There are more stories like this to share and I will keep sharing them.

I hope you can smile about it.

Take care


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