Hi there,

I have not been online in a while and I would like to update you on the latest fitness program I have gotten my hands on. 🙂

The treat I promised myself after having accomplished Slim in 6 was originally TurboFire but I changed my choice to ChaLEAN EXTREME.

I have to admit that I thought it was different than what it really is like but it is good. It is a bit scary that the movements that you do are done so slow but since you need to do them with the right tension, they should do the trick. I will give it the first thirty days and then see if I see results. It is really awkward to do such a work out after having done the Slim in 6 program.

ChaLEAN EXTREME consists of several DVDs each having three work out sets. The good part is that you do a different work out each day so it does not get boring too fast. Yes – you do one kind of repeating set of work outs for one month but since they repeat weekly and not daily it is easier to follow. The first sets are no longer than 38 minutes which is great because I can easily fit it in my daily routine. You have two rest days per week and I already switched the first rest day. I can feel my muscles and I do sweat but I am not as beat as I used to be after Slim in 6. That is probably the reason why I am worried that it might not pay off. Still – I decided to give it a chance. 🙂

Within the next couple of days I will make sure that I will go into more detail related to the work out structure because I think it would have helped me to understand what the work out is really about instead of what I thought.

Take care for now.


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