Health Insurance in the USA

I think I might step on many people’s toes with this but if I can just get one person to rethink their attitude, I would be glad. This discussion makes me really upset.

It should be a basic right to go to any doctor you like if you are sick.
It should be a basic right for everyone to be treated without being asked whether they can afford it.
It should be a basic right to not be asked which bodypart you would rather keep (which depends on your wallet size).
It should be a basic right to take your children to the nearest hospital and not the next one supporting your health insurance.

Think about it people.

Are you afraid of ending up in Welfare and actually being able to go to a doctor if sick?
Are you afraid of being more social and caring for anybody else than yourself?
Are you afraid of having the possibility to choose any doctor you want because you might be overwhelmed with the amount of doctors to choose from?

What about your children? What about your family? Do you think that you and your family will never get into a situation where you are being asked which bodypart you want to keep or where your whole family is ruined? Lets hope and pray you will not.

PLEASE PEOPLE wake up and start thinking outside of your little box!
PLEASE PEOPLE start caring about other people than just yourself!

They are talking about giving everyone the option to get a BASIC treatment when they are sick.

Ask yourself how much taste and common sense you have if you really debate on such a topic whether it is right or wrong? You deny the poor a basic right. Lets hope you will never get poor.

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