Turbo Fire Challenge – Intro

I allowed myself a special treat about four weeks ago. I purchased Turbo Fire by Beachbody and I am loving it!!! I started right after I got it but to be honest – it was sooo hard in the beginning! All that jumping and moving and power and I was feeling so weak! BUT – I kept it going for two weeks but then the heat wave struck. I can honestly say that this is a good excuse BECAUSE we have no aircon in our house and it is really badly insulated. I was sweating just sitting down on my butt doing nothing. Sweating itself is not a bad thing but if you do not want to hurt yourself, you should definitely not workout when it is so hot :).

As a little intro for the ones that have not heard of Turbo Fire – type it in at youtube and you will find a lot of videos about it. Additionally, you can go to Beachbody.com and check it out there :). It is a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) which keeps your heartrate up even after the work out. You have high intensity sessions of one minute with another minute of rest in between. The work out starts rather “slow” but it will get more intense later one. Nothing for the weak hearted or the lazy. The work outs itself are rather short (max. 40 minutes) but they are really pounding you in the ground. 😉

Today I will get back into the routine – I am now just waiting for my breakfast and my coffee to settle down and then off I go for the first session today!

I really have to get in shape – I keep looking at my husband and I keep feeling worse and worse each day – time to change – for my own good :)!

BTW – the foodplan needs to change as well *duh* (walkingofftakingsomepicsandputtingthemupatthefridge)

See you later – I’ll let you know how it went!

Take care


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