Turbo Fire Challenge 2013

Hello there!

I decided to let old things go and create a new category which is the TF Challenge 2013.

I started about 7  weeks ago and had some more single day breaks in between than originally planned. Either due to being totally bummed out or having to go out of the house for the whole day due to work and coming home so late that a workout is just not possible anymore. Example would be last week where I had to travel for 3 days out of State – no way I could do the workout due to time constraints.

So I start off where I stopped before the unvoluntary break. Works just a fine and the body does not change back within three days. It keeps burning because my metabolism has increased due to the continuous workout and it has accustomed to daily power punches and kicks. I feel so motivated and it has almost become an addiction. I HAVE to push play because otherwise it makes me feel incomplete. The day just is not complete.

Whoever wants to try a workout which challenges you more than simple Aerobic but is still less painful than Insanity – take Turbo Fire. It is a mix of dancing, kicking, boxing, jumping (not as much as you would think) that in combinations that are just fun to follow with the existing music mix on the DVDs.

I already see results and I will post pictures at the end of the second phase which is after week 8. The whole program is set to 90 days + so there is way more to go but I already feel better about myself.

Today I did the Fire 45 session which had 3 HIIT workouts only (each 70 seconds) and the rest was the combos as described further up.

Tomorrow is Core 20 and Stretch 40 and that is slow and really relaxing compared to the rest of the week’s workouts. I am always looking forward to it because it challenges you but you get a break at the same time.

Hope you come by and read tomorrow again.

Take care


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