A little anecdote – You REALLY need to get dressed!

Let me tell you – my cat speaks in more than only one way. She meows, she purrs, she chirps but also her face speaks without her even articulating herself in “words”.

Today I take my regular shower after my workout and – of course – I am not wearing any clothes as I got out, dried off and wanted to walk over to my closet to get some fresh clothes. Now that is nothing extraordinary. If there was no cat….

My bedroom door is open. She sits there in the hallway. I have towel on my head and other than that I am naked. Plain naked. I turn around and see her looking at me. And I SWEAR – she totally gave me an attitude. She looked at me – up and down and back up – tilted her head and her eyes just said: “Lady – you REALLY need to get dressed!”

I felt ashamed – literally ashamed – BECAUSE of my CAT!!!

I started laughing, turned around and did as I was told without having heard the words.

That was it for today. Hope it made you smile.

Take care


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