The 6 Weightloss Rules

Hello 😀

This article is for the people that want to loose weight without hurting themselves and feel better. I am talking to all the people out there that want to loose weight without having to make a DIET like eggs only, salad only, etc.

I am happy to share the 6 basic rules and let you know how it worked for me.

Rule #1
Drink at least 3 liters of water or unsweetened tea during the day
Bad suggestion but: Force yourself if you are not used to it. Put the total amount of bottles in front of you and continuously drink. I had to use the bathroom all the time in the beginning but it will get better once your body gets used to the amount of liquid intake. I am a person that keeps forgetting to drink and that way it was always present and I had a goal. It got easier by the day and in the end I was able to drink 4 or more liters of liquid. Once I got sick of water I switched to teas. One glass of juice in the morning was all I had in other liquids.

Rule #2
Eat within the first hour after you wake up
Don’t give me the: I can not eat early in the morning-thing. I used to say the same thing. I did not eat “healthy” cereal or something – no – I started with a simple slice of toast with butter (yep I ate butter) together with the glass of juice. Again – Force yourself – I promise it will become a habit. Just think about this: the earlier your body gets the signal that it needs to start working by digesting the food, the longer throughout the day it will be burning ;).

Rule #3
Do not eat after 7 pm or at least eat your last meal min 3 hours prior to going to bed
I went to bed feeling less stuffed and could sleep better. I made it the “law” to not eat after. If I did not have the time to eat before, I would only eat something small like an apple or a yogurt to simply remove the hunger feeling. Additionally I drank more liquid to stuff my belly. 

Rule #4
Eat one salad a day
It does not matter whether for lunch or dinner – make it big, make it yummy, make it yourself! Don’t say – I have no time for that. TAKE THE TIME! It is worth it! Sometimes I bought salad for lunch or I cut everything myself in the evening. Put some sunflower seeds in there, cheese, ham or fried chicken, put some balsamico vinegar and oil in there and you have a great salad. Variations with egg, mozarella, etc. is possible. It is yummy and reduces cravings for sweets!

Rule #5
Stop eating when you are full
Do NOT say – but it is sooo good! Or – these poor children that have nothing… No. Stop eating and have it wrapped up! Take it with you rather than stuffing your belly and feeling crappy afterwards.

Rule #6
Sad but true: Work out – at least 30 minutes per day. That is already enough. But do it every day!
I started out with my home-trainer that I had bought already a year earlier. To make it easier, I started off with a time that made me feel comfortable which was about 30 minutes. After a while I went on the bike at 8:15 pm when my series started. Yes – I combined relaxation with my work out. I watched my favorite TV show AND worked out at the same time. Watching the show was my “treat” 😉 and I had a work out time of about an hour a day. Do not go to the gym every day pushing the same weights – that does not help. Just do something small every day.

6 Rules – that is it and they worked for me.

Some things you might want to know>

  • The craving for sweets went away about 3 days into the fight against weight.
  • The energy level started going up within the first week into the changes.
  • The mood swings went away.
  • I felt more attractive within the first couple of weeks.
  • The weight dropped rapidly and my skin got shinier and healthier.
  • Within 6 months I lost overall 17 kg / 37.5 lbs. 

I lost that weight healthy and I have not put on really anything anymore. (I know – I have a blog about Slim in 6 and loosing weight – I do not want to loose weight – I want to tone 😉 )

One last and very important rule:
Do not deny yourself anything!

If you want to eat a burger – eat it. If you want to eat a piece of cake – eat it. Just listen to your body and stop when you are full and remember rule number 4. I never prohibited anything to myself and it went well. If you have a hard time with the chocolate cravings, allow yourself one little sweet treat a day. It will not be necessary because the craving will disappear but try what is good for you!

If you need more help or have other questions – just ask – I am happy to help anyone who really wants to take care of him or herself and that in a healthy way!

Take care.


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