A little anecdote – You REALLY need to get dressed!

Let me tell you – my cat speaks in more than only one way. She meows, she purrs, she chirps but also her face speaks without her even articulating herself in “words”.

Today I take my regular shower after my workout and – of course – I am not wearing any clothes as I got out, dried off and wanted to walk over to my closet to get some fresh clothes. Now that is nothing extraordinary. If there was no cat….

My bedroom door is open. She sits there in the hallway. I have towel on my head and other than that I am naked. Plain naked. I turn around and see her looking at me. And I SWEAR – she totally gave me an attitude. She looked at me – up and down and back up – tilted her head and her eyes just said: “Lady – you REALLY need to get dressed!”

I felt ashamed – literally ashamed – BECAUSE of my CAT!!!

I started laughing, turned around and did as I was told without having heard the words.

That was it for today. Hope it made you smile.

Take care


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Turbo Fire Challenge 2013

Hello there!

I decided to let old things go and create a new category which is the TF Challenge 2013.

I started about 7  weeks ago and had some more single day breaks in between than originally planned. Either due to being totally bummed out or having to go out of the house for the whole day due to work and coming home so late that a workout is just not possible anymore. Example would be last week where I had to travel for 3 days out of State – no way I could do the workout due to time constraints.

So I start off where I stopped before the unvoluntary break. Works just a fine and the body does not change back within three days. It keeps burning because my metabolism has increased due to the continuous workout and it has accustomed to daily power punches and kicks. I feel so motivated and it has almost become an addiction. I HAVE to push play because otherwise it makes me feel incomplete. The day just is not complete.

Whoever wants to try a workout which challenges you more than simple Aerobic but is still less painful than Insanity – take Turbo Fire. It is a mix of dancing, kicking, boxing, jumping (not as much as you would think) that in combinations that are just fun to follow with the existing music mix on the DVDs.

I already see results and I will post pictures at the end of the second phase which is after week 8. The whole program is set to 90 days + so there is way more to go but I already feel better about myself.

Today I did the Fire 45 session which had 3 HIIT workouts only (each 70 seconds) and the rest was the combos as described further up.

Tomorrow is Core 20 and Stretch 40 and that is slow and really relaxing compared to the rest of the week’s workouts. I am always looking forward to it because it challenges you but you get a break at the same time.

Hope you come by and read tomorrow again.

Take care


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Yeah…. that did not work out

For some reason I was not able to maintain the work out schedule as I planned which mostly was due to the fact that we were moving and I had to decide whether to ship the DVDs or keep them as additional luggage which we had a lot of remaining already.

So once we got where we needed to be I restarted the challenge. I am now in my 6th week of Turbo Fire and I am loving it!

I am unfortunately not shedding pounds so far but I am gaining strength and endurance during the workouts and I jump higher, box harder and kick faster than ever before.

Tomorrow I will actually take some time to write down some experiences during the workouts in the last 6 weeks and give you a bit more detail on what Turbo Fire is all about.

Thanks for  reading and see you tomorrow!

Take care


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Turbo Fire Challenge – Intro

I allowed myself a special treat about four weeks ago. I purchased Turbo Fire by Beachbody and I am loving it!!! I started right after I got it but to be honest – it was sooo hard in the beginning! All that jumping and moving and power and I was feeling so weak! BUT – I kept it going for two weeks but then the heat wave struck. I can honestly say that this is a good excuse BECAUSE we have no aircon in our house and it is really badly insulated. I was sweating just sitting down on my butt doing nothing. Sweating itself is not a bad thing but if you do not want to hurt yourself, you should definitely not workout when it is so hot :).

As a little intro for the ones that have not heard of Turbo Fire – type it in at youtube and you will find a lot of videos about it. Additionally, you can go to Beachbody.com and check it out there :). It is a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) which keeps your heartrate up even after the work out. You have high intensity sessions of one minute with another minute of rest in between. The work out starts rather “slow” but it will get more intense later one. Nothing for the weak hearted or the lazy. The work outs itself are rather short (max. 40 minutes) but they are really pounding you in the ground. 😉

Today I will get back into the routine – I am now just waiting for my breakfast and my coffee to settle down and then off I go for the first session today!

I really have to get in shape – I keep looking at my husband and I keep feeling worse and worse each day – time to change – for my own good :)!

BTW – the foodplan needs to change as well *duh* (walkingofftakingsomepicsandputtingthemupatthefridge)

See you later – I’ll let you know how it went!

Take care


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Health Insurance in the USA

I think I might step on many people’s toes with this but if I can just get one person to rethink their attitude, I would be glad. This discussion makes me really upset.

It should be a basic right to go to any doctor you like if you are sick.
It should be a basic right for everyone to be treated without being asked whether they can afford it.
It should be a basic right to not be asked which bodypart you would rather keep (which depends on your wallet size).
It should be a basic right to take your children to the nearest hospital and not the next one supporting your health insurance.

Think about it people.

Are you afraid of ending up in Welfare and actually being able to go to a doctor if sick?
Are you afraid of being more social and caring for anybody else than yourself?
Are you afraid of having the possibility to choose any doctor you want because you might be overwhelmed with the amount of doctors to choose from?

What about your children? What about your family? Do you think that you and your family will never get into a situation where you are being asked which bodypart you want to keep or where your whole family is ruined? Lets hope and pray you will not.

PLEASE PEOPLE wake up and start thinking outside of your little box!
PLEASE PEOPLE start caring about other people than just yourself!

They are talking about giving everyone the option to get a BASIC treatment when they are sick.

Ask yourself how much taste and common sense you have if you really debate on such a topic whether it is right or wrong? You deny the poor a basic right. Lets hope you will never get poor.

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A little anecdote – Salad

There are always people who seem to attract accidents. I am not talking about getting hit by a car or falling off the bike – no – I am talking about stupid things they put their foot in by accident? My beloved husband is one of them :D.

I was sitting on our couch, in front of us our living room table, two table sets on it in order to avoid ruining the tablecloth if food is being spilled. We are eating a salad from the italian place where we love to order food from. Next to me, my spouse had taken a seat as well, holding up the salad plate and eating from it. We were watching a movie while eating and everything was juuuuuuuuuuust fine. Suddenly, in the corner of my eye I could see that something just fell off my husband’s fork. I slightly tilt my head in order to pretend I did not see it but I could see him looking down on himself, peeking over to me, looking back down on himself and then pretending nothing happened. He then put the salad and the fork down pretending to take a break from eating and then secretly trying to remove the large piece that fell off the fork onto the couch……………………. So much for the table sets……….

 😀 The best of this incident was the look on his face which said more than any word could have said. First there was that expression when he peeked over to check whether I saw it and then there was that little frustrated facial expression, knowing that whatever just happened was stupid and he thought that this can only happen to him. 😀

There are more stories like this to share and I will keep sharing them.

I hope you can smile about it.

Take care


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Hi there,

I have not been online in a while and I would like to update you on the latest fitness program I have gotten my hands on. 🙂

The treat I promised myself after having accomplished Slim in 6 was originally TurboFire but I changed my choice to ChaLEAN EXTREME.

I have to admit that I thought it was different than what it really is like but it is good. It is a bit scary that the movements that you do are done so slow but since you need to do them with the right tension, they should do the trick. I will give it the first thirty days and then see if I see results. It is really awkward to do such a work out after having done the Slim in 6 program.

ChaLEAN EXTREME consists of several DVDs each having three work out sets. The good part is that you do a different work out each day so it does not get boring too fast. Yes – you do one kind of repeating set of work outs for one month but since they repeat weekly and not daily it is easier to follow. The first sets are no longer than 38 minutes which is great because I can easily fit it in my daily routine. You have two rest days per week and I already switched the first rest day. I can feel my muscles and I do sweat but I am not as beat as I used to be after Slim in 6. That is probably the reason why I am worried that it might not pay off. Still – I decided to give it a chance. 🙂

Within the next couple of days I will make sure that I will go into more detail related to the work out structure because I think it would have helped me to understand what the work out is really about instead of what I thought.

Take care for now.


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Billy’s Bootcamp Review

The work out consists of a series of cardio, kick, boxing and other moves which are compressed into a fast, hard and sweat-breaking exercise. I am sweating more than with the Slim in 6 work out but somehow I feel less challenged.

I have several problems with the trainings:

  • Billy is almost constantly talking and that with such a low volume that you tend to stop moving because you are trying to understand what he is saying.
  • The quality of the pictures is poor, the outdoor work out camera man keeps going back and forth without any real structure and zooms in only on Billy so that you do not see anymore which moves are currently on.
  • Sometimes Billy forgets that the body has at least two sides.. He works out the left side but then forgets to work out the other or he makes you repeat the sets 5 times on the right side and only 3 times on the left.
  • The form you should keep when doing the exercises are not properly explained (some moves were in fact new to me) or maybe they are but I do not hear it because of the volume of Billy’s talking as mentioned earlier.

Positive about the work out is:

  • It is sweat-breaking and intense once you are actually able to follow all the steps.
  • The counting helps pushing yourself to the limit.
  • There is no timer visible which makes it easier because to me it always puts me under pressure when I see a timer at the bottom counting down.

If you like a crazy work out where you can yell the pain out and feel pushed, feel free to try it out. It gives you a good base on which you can build up on.

For me – I like a more structured work out like Slim in 6.

Other than that – have fun, feel challenged and try out new things!

Take care


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Slim in 6 Challenge 2012 – Before and After Resumee

Since the challenge was supposed to be over at the 22nd of February I will now let you know my resumee of this whole exercise.

Here are the before and after pictures as promised and even though the results are not as tremendous as they could have been, I am VERY proud :D.

I am not trying to make excuses on why the change has not been as drastic as it could have been. I have not been eating right the whole time and I have had two weeks of a break due to external circumstances such as my Mom breaking her arm and me having to help her and then me being sick. I still consider the results as very good and I think the changes are very visible! 😀

The chunky back has shrunk, the bulky belly has gotten smaller, there is an actual waist visible and my butt is lifted. I feel stronger, have more stamina and I feel happier. I had a good start into the world of personal fitness and I will continue doing work outs.

My final measurements are as following:


Chest    96 cm     => 95 cm     Lost 1 cm / 0.4 inch
Waist    81 cm     => 78 cm      Lost 3 cm / 1.2 inch
Hips      109 cm   => 107 cm   Lost 2 cm / 0.8 inch
Thigh    66 cm      => 60 cm    Lost 6 cm / 2.4 inch

Overall I lost 12 cm / 3.8 inches around my whole body and I am so happy about it!

Due my work schedule and my own studies that I have started recently (additionally to my job) there will not be enough time to continue this on a daily basis BUT – I will work out as often as possible! That is not a lame promise – that is the truth. If I can squeeze in just twenty minutes of working out, I will. I worked out yesterday too 😀 – I still have Billy’s Boot camp here (which is btw 53 minutes long…) and some Pilates, Yoga and Exhale Body Sculpt DVD’s which I will use alternating to the Slim in 6 Work outs. Additionally I will be going to the gym on the treadmill together with my beloved husband. 🙂 My plan is also to continue sharing my experience with the various work outs that I have.

BTW – I told you in an early Challenge-Post that I will buy me a treat if I make it. I consider my “job done” with Slim in 6 and I will order Turbo Fire additional to my already existing work outs. I think it is essential that you do various things to see which one might be the right one. Slim in 6 was a very good start and I am so happy that I kept it all these years (I bought it originally in 2004).

My thanks go to all of you that supported me and gave me positive feedback!

Take care and read you soon!


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Slim in 6 Challenge 2012 – Day 49

Wow – it was so hard for me today to start working out and push all the way through. I am not sure what happened but I had the continuous feeling that I want to stop. I did not though. I pushed through.

What is it with this  inner pig that I have to fight all the time? I am happy though that I did not stop – my conscience was fighting hard and luckily it won. 🙂

Healthy eating is an issue at the moment – I am developing some unhealthy habits which I really need to stop with. I assume it started because of the schedule changes that kept going on due to my Mom being hurt? No idea and this sounds like a lame excuse :P/

I am happy though that I did not take a break and stop. The work out was hard and I was sweating really a lot :). Thursday I have to go back to my Mother’s house to help her again but I will take the DVD with me and do at least the Slim&Limber and the Slim&SixPack. That is at least something that I will do and it does not make too much noise. The Burn It Up is simply too loud for the neighbors downstairs.

See you guys tomorrow – Thanks for your support!

Take care


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